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Avancus Training Shoes

Apex Power Shoes White

Apex Power Shoes White

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Introducing our powerlifting footwear - the ultimate upgrade for your lifting game. Designed to promote exceptional stability, comfort and foot health, our shoes have been rigorously tested and verified by world-class athletes, such as David Woolson and Jamal Browner, ensuring that every detail is tuned for peak athletic achievement.

With almost 2 years of research and trial and error, we secured a highly durable rubber formula that gives you stability without comprising the natural flexibility of the foot. The outsole features an advanced traction system designed to give you unparalleled resistance to slippage on various surfaces.

Without sacrificing the lightweight nature of the shoe, the extended points in the metatarsal and heel area give you a solid stability platform due to a greater ground contact area. The denim fabric complements the reinforced heel counter to give you exceptional rearfoot support, securing your foot in its optimal position and preventing unwanted movements during your heaviest lifting sessions.

The upper front mesh is constructed of reinforced oxford cloth which is both breathable and flexible for comfortable movement. Yet, it is structured enough to firmly hold your feet in place. The reinforced toe cap provides an extra layer of durability, lateral support, and protection, guarding your toes from the wear and tear of training.

Your feet serve as the foundation for your entire body in terms of support, balance, posture, and overall well-being. We believe that your feet should function in their natural state, ultimately contributing to stronger and healthier feet over time.. That's why our shoe features a wide, anatomical shaped toe box that enables your toes to naturally spread out and find balance, contributing to natural stability. How do you ensure our shoe is wide and anatomically shaped? We took data on thousands of foot shapes ensuring it’s anatomical and wide enough for natural splay of toes. With our 0 heel to toe drop flat stability platform, your body is positioned in its most anatomically accurate alignment, giving you a more balanced and centered stance.

The majority of shoes force your feet into a shoe-shaped form, limiting stability and hindering your toes' natural ability to spread out and maintain balance. This can cause compensations in other parts of the foot and leg, resulting in biomechanical changes and an increased risk of injuries such as ankle sprains and and knee pain.

And say goodbye to weak and underused foot muscles. Our shoe due to the thin yet structured enough sole stimulates your feet to feel the ground, promoting muscle use and preventing muscle deterioration. By strengthening your foot muscles, you'll reduce the risk of developing sarcopenia, a condition characterized by the progressive loss of muscle mass and strength. Make no mistake, just because the sole of our shoes are thin does not mean they aren’t stable. It took months of research and trial and error to get the most durable rubber formula that gives you natural flexibility without sacrificing stability. Like muscles and bones, your brain follows the "use it or lose it" principle. Inactivity leads to atrophy, while regular stimulation of the feet can increase the brain size and neuronal connections that are in charge of the sensory nerves of the feet.

Using our barefoot footwear provides more sensory feedback due to the thin sole, which enhances your brain's ability to process information about your foot position, texture and muscle tension. This improves your balance and motor control.

Conversely, conventional shoes with overly-supportive and cushioned materials can hinder your foot–brain sensory development. Regular barefoot activity leads to improved sensory feedback and better control of motor function and balance.
Don't settle for just another footwear. Choose our unique training footwear for unparalleled stability, comfort, performance and long term enhanced foot health. Shop now because your size might not be available tomorrow!

How long does shipping take? A general timeline is 3-6 business days for the USA and 4-5 business days for the rest of the world. This may be subject to depending on high volume events, such as Black Friday.
Once our fulfilment team packs your order, it will be picked up by the shipping courier and you will be notified via email with your tracking number. As excited as we are for you to receive your new products, please keep in mind there may be delays during transit that are beyond our control. We suggest contacting your package's shipping courier for any delivery questions you may have.

Returns and exchanges. We want you to love the products you receive just as much as we love creating them. However, if for any reason your order doesn't work out as planned, we have a 10-day return window to file a return or an exchange. Returns and exchanges are only available for the USA at the moment.

Will I have to pay customs fees on my order? If you are located outside of the United States, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, your order may be subject to customs fees/taxes based on the retail value of the package. These fees are not determined by Avancus and are beyond our control.

If you have questions as to why you are billed certain import fees/taxes, or would like a more detailed outline of what to expect when your package arrives in your country, we recommend contacting your local customs office.

1. What’s your return & exchange policy? We want you to love the products you receive just as much as we love creating them. However, if for any reason your order doesn't work out as planned, we have a 14-day return window to file a return. Please note we only accept returns and exchanges for the United States at the moment.

2. When will I receive my order? A general timeline is 3-7 business days for the USA and 5-6 business days for the rest of the world. This may be subject to depending on high volume events, such as Black Friday.

3. What’s my shoe size? Avancus fits true to size for most customers.

•⁠ ⁠If you are in between sizes, please select the smaller size.
•⁠ ⁠If you have low volume feet and/or noticeably narrow feet, size down.

4. Why should I choose your footwear? Today, conventional shoes contain unnecessary cushioning and a narrow toe box, distancing you from the ground and squishing your toes at the same time.

The excessive cushioning reduces the foot-brain nerve connection (also known as sensory feedback), which ultimately disrupts coordination and balance. And the narrow toe box does not give your toes space to spread out and find the balance needed to stabilize you.

So, it is imperative to invest in footwear that will realign your toes and keep your feet close to the ground which ultimately increases stability and balance.

5. I have flat feet. Are your shoes appropriate? Yes, they are. Most weak arches are caused by wearing shoes with a narrow toe box. 

Our shoes, on the other hand, contain an anatomical (foot-shaped) toe box, allowing you to spread out your toes and form a natural arch. 

6. I have wide feet. Are your shoes appropriate? Yes, they are. Unlike conventional shoes that have a narrow toe box, our shoes have an anatomical (foot-shaped) toe box which will be suitable for even the widest feet.

7. Do you ship orders internationally? If so, how will orders be shipped?

Yes, we do! To get your order to you, we've partnered with DHL Express for quick and reliable delivery.

8. I've received a defective product. What shall I do?

At Avancus, we take great pride in the quality of our sports footwear. While it is rare, we understand that issues may arise with any physical goods across any industry.

If you receive defective and/or damaged goods, please email with photos so that we can send you a free replacement pair.

Viziun® Anti-slip Technology

Grippiest Shoe in The Industry


Gym sessions won’t ever be completed without quality shoes for training. Those who try to make it work without the proper shoes are ending up hitting the wall.

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Anatomical-shaped toe box Is the toe box of the shoe wide and anatomically shaped, promoting natural movement of my feet?
Thin Is the sole of the shoe thin enough to stimulate and engage my foot muscles, preventing muscle deterioration and promoting strong, healthy feet over time?
Grip Is the grip on the sole of the shoe strong enough to prevent slips and provide me with confidence and security during a heavy lifting session?
Stable & Supportive Is the shoe supportive enough to prevent issues, such as lateral spillover, during an intense lifting session?
Flat (0 heel to toe drop) Is the sole flat to fully plant my foot onto the floor, providing me with more stability?