Why Avancus

Apex Power Footwear Specs

Experience unparalleled stability and comfort in a remarkably lightweight design.

The natural foot is wide, flexible and highly sensory with three dynamic arches and thousands of nerve endings.

Viziun® Anti-slip Technology

Grippiest Shoe in The Industry

High Articulation and unrestricted Anatomy

Maintains flexibility in both linear and lateral directions. With this feature, your feet function in their natural state, ultimately contributing to stronger and healthier feet overtime.

Avancus Apex Power Vivobarefoot Primus Lite III Adidas Total Shoes Nike Metcon 8
Anatomical-shaped toe box Is the toe box of the shoe wide and anatomically shaped, promoting natural movement of my feet?
Thin Is the sole of the shoe thin enough to stimulate and engage my foot muscles, preventing muscle deterioration and promoting strong, healthy feet over time?
Grip Is the grip on the sole of the shoe strong enough to prevent slips and provide me with confidence and security during a heavy lifting session?
Stable & Supportive Is the shoe supportive enough to prevent issues, such as lateral spillover, during an intense lifting session?
Flat (0 heel to toe drop) Is the sole flat to fully plant my foot onto the floor, providing me with more stability?