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Apex Power V2.0 Shoes Blue

Apex Power V2.0 Shoes Blue

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Introducing the Apex Power V2, the pinnacle of powerlifting footwear innovation. Tested by world-class athletes, such as David Woolson, Rondel Hunte, Jamal Browner and Jonathan Cayco, these shoes redefine stability and comfort in a lightweight design.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Viziun®️ Grip Tech: Featuring the highest traction in the industry, our rubber formula and multi-directional pattern ensure little to no slippage.
  • Extended Heel & Metatarsal Points: A pioneering feature in Olympic weightlifting footwear, this is the first-ever implementation in flat shoes. It provides a greater ground contact area, offering you a more stable platform.
  • 0 Heel to Toe Drop - Flat Stability Platform: Positions your body in its most anatomically accurate alignment.
  • Extended Side Walls: Provides you with exceptional lateral and medial support for exercises like sumo deadlifts, squats and lunges.
  • Thin & Sensory Construction: A 4mm outsole with a 2mm rubber sole and 2mm lugs for strong ground contact and heightened sensory feedback.
  • Knit with Inner Lining: Balancing stability and flexibility, the forefront material allows natural movement while securely holding your foot in place.
  • Wide, anatomical shaped toe box: allows you to naturally splay out your toes, contributing to natural stability.

Don't settle for just another footwear. Choose the Apex Power V2 designed to elevate your performance during every lift.

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Returns and exchanges. We want you to love the products you receive just as much as we love creating them. However, if for any reason your order doesn't work out as planned, we have a 10-day return window to file a return or an exchange. Returns and exchanges are only available for the USA at the moment.

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1. What’s your return & exchange policy? We want you to love the products you receive just as much as we love creating them. However, if for any reason your order doesn't work out as planned, we have a 14-day return window to file a return. Please note we only accept returns and exchanges for the United States at the moment.

2. When will I receive my order? A general timeline is 3-7 business days for the USA and 5-6 business days for the rest of the world. This may be subject to depending on high volume events, such as Black Friday.

3. What’s my shoe size? Avancus fits true to size for most customers.

•⁠ ⁠If you are in between sizes, please select the smaller size.
•⁠ ⁠If you have low volume feet and/or noticeably narrow feet, size down.

4. Why should I choose your footwear? Today, conventional shoes contain unnecessary cushioning and a narrow toe box, distancing you from the ground and squishing your toes at the same time.

The excessive cushioning reduces the foot-brain nerve connection (also known as sensory feedback), which ultimately disrupts coordination and balance. And the narrow toe box does not give your toes space to spread out and find the balance needed to stabilize you.

So, it is imperative to invest in footwear that will realign your toes and keep your feet close to the ground which ultimately increases stability and balance.

5. I have flat feet. Are your shoes appropriate? Yes, they are. Most weak arches are caused by wearing shoes with a narrow toe box. 

Our shoes, on the other hand, contain an anatomical (foot-shaped) toe box, allowing you to spread out your toes and form a natural arch. 

6. I have wide feet. Are your shoes appropriate? Yes, they are. Unlike conventional shoes that have a narrow toe box, our shoes have an anatomical (foot-shaped) toe box which will be suitable for even the widest feet.

7. Do you ship orders internationally? If so, how will orders be shipped?

Yes, we do! To get your order to you, we've partnered with DHL Express for quick and reliable delivery.

8. I've received a defective product. What shall I do?

At Avancus, we take great pride in the quality of our sports footwear. While it is rare, we understand that issues may arise with any physical goods across any industry.

If you receive defective and/or damaged goods, please email with photos so that we can send you a free replacement pair.

Viziun® Anti-slip Technology

Experience supreme traction


Maximum traction and grippiest in the industry.


The thin, Active Ortholite Performance Insole consists of recycled polyurethane foam, contributing to waste reduction and minimizing the consumption of new plastics.


*Our Vegan products primarily consist of synthetic ingredients rather than animal-derived ones. To make sure these items adhere to vegan best practices, we don't (yet) have the transparency we need over the manufacture of all the little parts (such adhesives and dyes). Therefore, even though we think the shoes are vegan, we want to be completely honest and cannot yet guarantee that.


Stability and comfort in a lightweight package.


Based on a single shoe in Men’s size: EU 42 | US 9 | UK 8

298 Grams


Gym sessions won’t ever be completed without quality shoes for training. Those who try to make it work without the proper shoes are ending up hitting the wall.

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