Are barefoot shoes good for the gym? (Science Explained)


“I love barefoot shoes, I'll never wear anything else again! My big toes are destroyed wearing standard trainers for over 30 years”

Says Ryan Goligher in Squat University, one of the the biggest Fitness YouTube Channels.

Am I surprised? No. Relieved? Yes. 

How and why? I will explain it to you and you will understand.

As for the shoe industry? we have had so many successful stories, recently.

The market has now welcomed what we call barefoot shoes. I know you might have a lot of questions about it.

Are barefoot shoes good for the gym?

Straight answer? YES.

Is it better to lift weights in shoes or barefoot? Keep reading.

Best barefoot shoes for weight lifting? Just keep reading.

Why Barefoot Shoes Are Good For The Gym

1. Helps To Get Rid Of Ankle Injuries

If you want to avoid runner's knee and/or ankle injures, it's essential to wear a shoe that allows you to spread your toes instead of squishing them. And barefoot shoes help you with this. 

Jessica Wilburn who transitioned to barefoot shoes explains the following benefits: 

“After years of major problems with my feet/toes, I finally realized I didn't have a foot problem I had a shoe problem! These days I try to wear barefoot trainers when I am out for my daily workouts. And I'm delighted to say that my foot problems are now a very distant memory”

The anatomy of barefoot shoes is well explained by Dr Aaron Horschig from Squat University: 

“Its flat structure and a wide toe box diminish the possibility of having unnecessary foot injuries."

2. Ideal For Perfect Balance & Stability

When you are at the gym lifting weights you need the perfect balance for every workout session, the best shoes for that? Barefoot shoes called Mens Black Gym Shoes.

“Flat shoes can be good for lifting because their flatter and wider soles is beneficial for balance and stability says That Fit Friend in the article, "Why Use Flat Shoes For Lifting And When To Use Them."

A wide toe box gives enough room for your big toe to stabilize itself and provide balance which is essential when performing exercises, such as the leg press and squat.

Why the big toe? Because it carries the most weight out of all the toes. In the article Why Wear Flat Shoes For Leg Day this has been well elaborated. Give it a look. 

3. They Are Very Versatile (Many Sided)

Being versatile is what makes barefoot shoes iconic when lifting weights. This should be well known. We even mentioned that in the article Girls Gym Shoes, it work. 

Their maximum level of flexibility makes them useful in a wide range of activities such as deadlifts, bench presses, squats, and many other workout mechanics known.

According to Phil Hodge from Chase Mountains, “With barefoot shoes, I have no pain, my balance is significantly better, and feel more stable in all movements. I would add, due to health issues, I am not super fit or any sort of athlete, just a normal guy."

Final message:

The idea of using barefoot shoes for the gym has been producing numerous possible solutions and measures one could take to skyrocket his/her training journey to the next level but at least you got the whole picture of how important these shoes are when it comes to lifting weights.

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